You Know You are an Ahmadi when….

You know you’re an Ahmadi in Pakistan:

I) When you find yourself serving a three-year prison sentence for saying Asslamu-alaikum. Nice!

II) When you are arrested for such monstrous crimes as…….wait for it……………distributing sweets, wearing new clothes and having the cheek to look happy. Implausibly sad but true.

III) When you are accused of being an agent of everyone from Mossad to Ben & Jerry’s.

IV) When cartoons, however distasteful they may be, matter more than the life of your brothers and sisters.

V) When you turn on the TV and are told that you deserve to be put to death. No TV standards regulators here then?

VI) When according to the law you become a non-Muslim the moment you profess to be a Muslim. Eh? Is this one of Zeno’s paradoxes?

VII) When as a Kid you begin fidgeting a little too uncomfortably in your Islamiyaat class.

VIII) When people start chucking grenades at you.

IX) When you don’t start burning tires and effigies of the Great Satan, every time you are wronged.

X) When through it all you remain patient and steadfast and walk with your head held high and proud. When you are resolute in your faith and do not give into fear. When you see your people die and lament their passing with the words, innanillahi wa inaalihi raajiun. When you do not hate. When, whatever the world may say, you remain as you always were; A Muslim.


2 Responses to “You Know You are an Ahmadi when….”

  1. That’s really true reflection of Ahmadis’ plight in Pakistan.
    Good to read.

  2. Shameem Says:

    Thank you

    Wishing you success through this blog,

    Capt Shameem

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